• 2 cups traditional oats
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/4 cup watermelon/ pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tbsp vegetable/ coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup dried blueberries from Del Monte


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180C.
  • In a large bowl, combine oats and almonds and seeds.
  • In a small bowl combine vanilla extract, oil and maple syrup. Pour over the oats mixture.
  • Mix well and ensure everything is well combined.
  • Transfer the mixture to a baking trey lined with parchment paper. Make sure it is spread evenly on the try.
  • Bake at 180C for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, pull out the trey. Give everything a gentle mix and add dry blueberries.
  • Bake for another 15 minutes.