Last month, I contacted my blogger friend Radhika with an idea of conducting a baking workshop together. She loved the idea and we instantly started working on it. We started by looking for a venue. Our hunt stopped at Boheme in Vasant Vihar. I don't remember seeing a more beautiful cafe in Delhi. With the vision to create a quiet, intimate and truly 'Bohemian' atmosphere in otherwise cluttered ambience of Delhi, Boheme offers are perfect setting for a free flowing space. With a huge window to our right and it's beautiful interiors, I knew this place would be perfect for our workshop. The following weeks were a mess. We decided our recipes ( which took forever), got the recipe booklets printed, made registration forms, sent emails, figured out the payment details and panicked a lot! A lot ( actually it was just me haha)


I  would have been completely lost without Radhika who kept her cool and worked really hard to make sure we pull this off successfully. I am so glad I decided to do this with someone as talented and wonderful as her. Another person who helped me put up this event is my cousin, Malika Budhiraj. She designed our beautiful recipe booklets and also made the logo for the workshop. You should go take a look at her website.


But what made the workshop what it was, were the wonderful people who attended it. The workshop had such a positive atmosphere and I can't thank them enough for carrying those positive vibes with them and for being soo supportive. It was an absolute pleasure to meet people who share the same passion for baking.  We'll definitely be doing more of these workshops to experience that heartwarming support and love that we got at the workshop. A big thank you to all those who came, for having the faith in us that we will be able to pull off the workshop. It means the world to me!


I demonstrated two recipes at the workshop- an eggless chocolate oreo cake and an upside down pear cake. I was so nervous before the workshop. I thought my cakes will burn or they'll stick to the tin and never come out or the light will go off or probably my oven will burst. Fortunately, nothing of that sort happened. I had so much fun demonstrating the recipes and answering all the interesting questions that came from the audience.


My favourite part of the workshop was when the youngest attendee at the workshop- Kangna frosted the oreo cake like a pro! Look at her work with that offset spatula so beautifully.


Radhika demonstrated two other recipes- Lemon loaf cake and frosted brownies. 


After everyone tasted the cakes and wiped the plates clean, the chefs at Boheme conducted a session on bread making.The smiles on everyone's faces made all the hardwork that went into the workshop worth it.


Here is what some of the attendees had to say about the workshop-


Isheeta Mohan- To one of the finest workshops of all times.

One hell of an experience. And I finally get to meet my greatest inspiration- @shivesh18 / @shivesh17 Also, @sugarnspicebyradhika is truly an amazing baker and a wonderful food blogger (apart from being gorgeous)

Thankyou so much for making it so special and so interesting. You guys will always be one of my favourites. Love you both.


Kangna Sood- Thank you so much for such an amazing workshop! I feel so much more confident as a baker now. You guys are really good. I really wish to become like you. Thank you for making me frost the cake. I was just so happy. You are just so sweet. Please conduct more of these workshops. They are absolutely amazing. Those recipe books are really cute.


Sunakshi Gupta- Thank you so much @shivesh17 and @sugarandspicebyradhika for making yesterday one of the awesomest day of my life! I've learnt so much more than just baking those 4 lovely cakes. You guys are really talented and have a deep knowledge about food. Thanks for sharing the day and your knowledge with us!


Anchal Goyal- What a lovely experience. Looking forward for more and more workshops. You both make a great team. Young and inspiring pro-bakers!

Reena Mahajan- Loved the workshop. Learnt so much. Thanks. The cakes were yummy.


Anushka- Hey @shivesh17 thank you so much for teaching us this wonderful cake ( upside down pear cake). It was really yum. You are so talented and down to earth person. Nice meeting you and I am really glad I attended your workshop. 


Reeti Ahuja- The workshop was super fun and the cakes were even more yumm. Glad I joined it.


I can't wait to do another workshop soon. Again, thank you everyone who made it so special for me.