One of the participants blogger about the workshop. You can read it here- http://www.spoonsandsneakers.com/#!The-Baking-Wizard-Shivesh-Bhatia/c21kp/576411be0cf2d021c4006a41

Watch the event video HERE

Ever since I've started baking, I'm totally obsessed with bakeware. When one of my favourite brands- Home Centre launched their range of bakeware, I was more than excited. The first thing I did was to visit their store and buy everything I could ever dream of. I've been using their products for a long time now and couldn't be happier! When they approached me to conduct a workshop for them, I didn't take any time to say yes because it is a brand I personally use and love!

The workshop was conducted on 9th June at their Ambience, Vasant Kunj store. It was an open to all workshop and I was super happy to see more than 60 enthusiastic participants at the session. I demonstrated two recipes at the session- 

  • carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting
  • blueberry- mango crisp

Besides the two recipes, we also had discussions on ingredients and equipment that we were using. Everyone seemed to love the bright and beautiful bake ware at Home Centre. I used their spring form cake tin, spatulas, whisk, measuring cups and spoons, glass ware and mixing bowls. I truly believe that a set of good equipment can really make baking easier and better. you can take a look at Home Centre's bake ware collection here- http://www.homecentrestores.com/in/en/kitchen-tabletop/bakeware