In the beginning of this month, I announced my association with 24 Mantra Organic and I can't believe we're in the closing week already. As I had mentioned in my first post, making any changes in your diet, especially positive ones, are not easy. There is always something that you've to comprise with. Fortunately this change of switching to incorporate organic products into my baking has been the easiest change for me and I say that with all the positivity. Now why I say it has been easy is because I'm not missing out on anything. It is not like I've to compromise on anything to use organic products- taste, quality and flavours are only better than the products that I've been using. I can't thank the wide range of 24 Mantra for this easy change that has been so positive! 

Besides the improved quality of my desserts, another reason why I'm glad that I decided to embark on this journey is because it feels great to be a part of this organic revolution. I talked about the benefits of using organic products in my introductory post and it feels so good to have contributed to the well being of our farmers and the environment, even though it is a very small effort. But hey, every step counts, right? 

Coming back to desserts, I shared two recipes with you this month- 

Besides these, I've been experimenting so much with organic products. Trust me, I couldn't be happier. As I said, it is not a tough change to make, like turning vegetarian for me was. This is using something that is better for yourself, for our farmers and for the world that we live and also something that tastes better. You have to taste the organic peanut butter to believe me. Basically, a lot has happened this month in the kitchen and there is a lot to do! I have a long list of organic ingredients that I want to use in my kitchen. I'll be back next month with three very exciting organic recipes. Can't wait to share some more organic mantras with yáll!


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