Summer is at its peak and although I'm not a fan, I'm managing pretty well this time. For me summer is all about vibrant colors and patterns. I also love the summer fruits, which make the hot Delhi bearable. What is even better is making summer fruit desserts. But the job doesn't end there. If you're hosting a party or even a casual get together, what becomes important is the table setting. It add so much to the experience, doesn't it? I collaborated with my favorite store- Home Centre to bring to you a video on table setting. I used their Spring Summer' 17 collection to do 4 different table settings. The new Home Centre collections are vibrant, fun and colorful- they bring the food alive and make the table look so interesting.

Make sure you watch the full video HERE

I used the Geomatrix Collection to do a breakfast setting because I think it'll be a great idea to wake up to those contemporary geometrics presented in irresistible shades of green and teal. The collection has been crafted using bon china, melamine and cotton. The bon china pieces are my favourite.

For the pizza party I was throwing for my friends, I picked up the Urban Nature Collection because the palette of black, grey, white and silver speaks perfect simplicity and elegance- perfect for a casual get together.

My favorite collection is definitely the Modern Garden Collection . The charming florals and the vibrant reds come together so beautifully. I used them for a summer brunch set up and it looked so pretty. What do you think? Don't forget to take a look at the beautiful patterns on the napkins. This collection is joyful, exuberant and filled with fresh chronicles.

  Coming to a formal dinner set up, I couldn't think of anything better than the Golden Age Collection . Designed in the glamour of gold and beige, the collection celebrates multicultural heritage of India represented with multiple influences and inspirations, and is a perfect say to say elegance and sophistication. I can’t get enough of the beautiful designs. It definitely adds a lot of grace to the dinner table. 

Make sure you watch the video and let me know which set up is your favorite. You can take a look at the HomeCentre collection here


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