Ever since I started conducting workshops, so many people has been requesting me to conduct a few workshops there. After months of (failed) planning, I finally managed to plan a two week trip to Bombay. While I'm interning at Le15 Patisserie, I also took out time to conduct not one, but two workshops here. The second workshop is scheduled for 26th June and if you wish to register, you can follow this link-

We conducted the "Tea Time Treats" workshop on 29th June at this cute little studio- Eighth By Anurita in Bandra. She is such a brilliant women and having her around was a like working with a big positive ball of energy. The studio has been done up by her so beautifully- it has got pretty props, plants and lovely food photographs framed and pinned to the wall. 

My first workshop in Bombay and I was surprisingly not nervous at all. It could be because of the studio set up (instead of the restaurant setup that I usually work in). Besides that, is was obviously Amrita! I can't put her energy level into words. I conducted a workshop with her in Delhi in March'16 and I'm so glad I could do this with her. We were super thankful to have a bunch of amazing participants at the workshop, who had really interesting stories to share. What fun!

We worked quite a lot on our menu this time to make it fancy and interesting. It was fancy but simple to understand and execute as well. We put three desserts and three savouries on the menu. 

  • Raspberry and white chocolate eclairs
  • Mini lemon and thyme cakes
  • Stone fruit Puff pastry tarts
  • potato crust pie with caramelised onions, shrooms and spinach
  • Assorted gourmet tea sandwiches
  • Ragi crackers with roasted garlic mousse and berry - balsamic caviar.

My favourite part of the workshop was the eclairs! Everyone assembled their own eclairs- piping them, filling the shells with a luscious raspberry filling and dunking it in white chocolate.  What fun!